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C++ Coding Getting Started Page

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C++ getting started page -- a collection of beginner-level introductory links and articles.


C++ group focusing promarily on generic C++ and C++.Net (C++/CLI) as implemented in Microsoft Visual C++. Whenever possible, this group also touches on C++Builder as well as ISO C++98, ISO C++03, C++/CLI (ECMA-372), the upcoming C++0x (probably C++09), an

Introduced as a "high level assembler," C was engineered to be "close to the metal."  It was also designed to be terse, elegant and expressive.  C was rapidly embraced by "real" programmers.

Not satisfied with its procedural-only model, C++ soon emerged to add object orientation to C.  In "computer years," these languages are mature - yet remain popular and viable languages for development. Many of the syntax and style elements of C and C++ made their way into younger languages, like Java, JavaScript and C#.

Want to become a moderator?
We are currently looking for moderators for our C++ message board. We are looking for knowledgable developers in Generic C, Generic C++, C++Builder, and Visual C++. However, if you're an expert in another C++ tool, we'd love to add your skillset to our group. If you're interested, send a private message to Mike Prestwood. Once you are a moderator, you will receive an email whenever someone posts.

Want to become an author?
We are currently looking for authors to post to this group's knowledge base. We are looking for generic C and C++ material as well as material specific to C++Builder and Visual C++. If you're interested, send a private message to Mike Prestwood or get started by submitting content to our C++ KB Topic (or any subtopic).

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